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xCache2 The p2p/torrent caching engine

xCache is a torrent caching engine that works like web caching engine like squid. When first time any given torrent is downloaded by any user, xCache keeps a copy in the server. Next time any user requests for the same torrent, xCache connects to the user and delivers the cached content. Cached content is delivered at wire-speed giving exceptional experience to the user. This saves about 30-50% of Internet traffic to a broadband service provider, depending on the usage patterns.

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Your Input xCache2 Pricing / month
upto 100 mbps Rs. 5,000
upto 1000 mbps Rs. 10,000
above 1000 mbps Rs. 15,000

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Wire speed

Torrent data that needs to be downloaded resides in the caching engine and is connected to the network at wire speed. Users will experience extremely high speed downloads.


xCache engine is highly scalable. For adding more caching capacity, simply add additional servers with storage capacity and configure xCache.

Simple pricing

Simple periodical pricing that is soft on your purse. xCache2 pricing is based on total bandwidth on the network. Entry level customers dont pay much and large customers get benefit of high-volume pricing.